Monday, April 14, 2003


UK Foreign Minister would have us believe there is no list.

"I have made it clear and I repeat that Syria is not 'next on the list'. [I am unsure] whether they have been developing any kind of illegal or illegitimate chemical or biological programmes. There are questions that need to be answered."

Why do I not believe him? Is it because our coalition partners are dropping hints less subtle than MOAB?


Asked by a reporter whether Syria could face military action if it did not turn over Iraqi leaders, Mr Bush said: "They just need to co-operate."

"We are concerned that materials have flowed through Syria to the Iraqi regime over the years. We are making this point clearly and in a very direct manner to the Syrians." - Colon Powell

The [Syrian] government is making a lot of bad mistakes, a lot of bad judgments in my view. - US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (the world's most scary man)


"Now that the Iraqi people, thanks to America and Britain, are getting rid of their own brutal dictatorship, we hope that also our Palestinian neighbors will draw the right conclusions and give the necessary authority to a more peaceful leadership of their own," - an Israeli Cabinet Minister


"I genuinely believe that if possession of weapons of mass destruction, absence of democracy and export of terrorism are the criteria, then no country deserves more than Pakistan to be tackled," - Yashwant Sihna, Indian External Affairs Minister

Why not Yemen?

and, let's not forget North Korea

"The Iraqi war launched by the U.S. pre-emptive attack clearly proves that a war can be prevented and the security of the country and the nation can be ensured only when one has physical deterrent force," - KCNA, North Korea's state-run news agency.

Any more takers?

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