Monday, May 19, 2003


No Mayday project on Saturday, but I did keep a running journal of what I got up to.

6am: Old man bladder time
8am: cup of tea in bed
9am: bath, lathered and smothered in Body Shop products
10am: breakfast. marmalade on toast. FairTrade coffee. Tropicana Orange Juice (not fair trade and probably using all sorts of nasty chemicals), but one of my recommended five fruit and veg daily portions.
The Soft Boys "Nextdoorland" CD.
Menu planning: help from Cranks, Delia and Weight Watchers.
11am: Journey to Sainsburys supermarket. Traffic jam in East Dulwich.
1pm: back home to change bed linen and put in washing machine.
2pm: checked e-mails and a bit of surfing and commenting on other people's blogs.
ABC Music by Stereolab.
Lunch - cheese on toast.
3pm: FA Cup Final on TV (missed "Abide with Me")
20 seconds in nearly the fastest goal ever in a cup final and didn't we hear about that for more than 20 seconds.
5pm: Arse!
6pm: early dinner.
7pm: off the South Bank
8pm: Hossam Ramzy - Egyptian drummer, who has played with Led Zep, Peter Gabriel et al. Fascinating evening of "rhythms of the Nile" - with Moroccan drummer, Egyptian violinst, Indian tabla player, Sikh playing an Indian violin like instrument and Greek on a Lyra. Intriguing and beguiling. More bent notes than at a forgers' conference.
11pm: home again and bed.

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