Thursday, May 22, 2003


Struggling for inspiration, I've been surfing the Blogosphere. This is a selection of what I guess is the "blogeoisie" (see no. 10 in link).

The Gutless Pacificist - leftie Christian outlook on Iraq, death penalty; picture of his kid in the womb!
Please Try Again - Rumoured garage sale, tofu, shaved ice and jade from Hawaii(?)
Ask Az-tek How - Some sort of Microsoft techie help. What no Quizilla quizzes?
Me and Sassan - a 15 year old Iranian in Canada, born in UAE. Nice tune.
Outside the Beltway - hardly needs a shout-out; another US pol site linked to just about everything else (do these guys have real jobs?)
Bluestarblog - another dreadful right wing apologist, but you gotta admire the length and breadth of the links (wow!) Mine the stuff on the left (links) and ignore (or blast, if you must) the garbage on the right.
Bureaucrat by Day - (thinks: "I guess the term applies to me too...") former Apollo astronaut blogs.
reenhead - I used to "know" a Maureen from DC. Not this one though. Contains an ode to Keanu Reeves.
Blethers - a Scotsman in Paris. Haute couture kilts, anyone? now inspired
...and also hopelessly addicted to blogging

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