Thursday, May 15, 2003


These are pretty much thumbs up, at the moment:
1. Mike's looney South African pictures. I hope you didn't violate the old UN sanctions to get these, Mike.
2. Photo blogs! Meme.
3. The Shizzolator, muthaf'ckah.

On the other hand, these don't cut the mustard (whatever that means):
1. The Iraqi Information Minister: it's not that I don't love you anymore MMS, it's just that we've moved on in your absence. (Come to think it, you could put the whole Iraq thing under this category.)
2. 100 Worst Britons. Takes it's place on the list of 100 Unoriginal and Worst Ideas for a TV programme. (Any TV programme of lists of Greatest, Fattest, Stupidist, Stupiderists, Dennis Nordenist, Sandanist... (that's enough -ists) in fact. Woops! Meme blog lists are okay!)
3. David Mellor*. So what, if you've resigned from the Tories. Who cares?

* - a snip at between £4000-£8000 per speech.

:: Posted by pete @ 12:48