Tuesday, June 03, 2003


A few things you might not know about the donut...

1. I was born in a council house in the same road where golfer Nick Faldo used to live.
2. It was 1971. Short dresses. Classroom desks in a u-shape. Her name was Becky. She sat opposite me. Guess what i saw?
3. I've broken one bone in my body - my upper jaw. Larry Petrocelli, I know where you live.
4. I have three scars on my body: a one inch pink one on my right elbow courtesy of James Kennedy - if you are reading james I'm gonna get you; one small one under my left eye - thanks bro; and, one on my right hip - bike accident.
5. I failed English at Suffolk Community College.
6. I was a founder member of Dynamo Stony Brook Soccer Club - one season of mayhem in the Brookhaven Summer League.
7. I used to work for this man.
8. I used to edit this web site.
9. I belong to a Trade Union.
10. I once voted Green - actually, I think I voted Green twice - once in a council election and once in that famous European Parliament election when the Greens won 20% of the vote and ... no seats.

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