Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Just got to work to find a Greenpeace demo at the building site across the road. All to do with the use of sustainable forests. Looks like a sub-contractor has breached the terms and conditions of a government contract. Ooops!

You can almost make out two flourescent clad protesters dangling from the crane on the right with a banner that says "Rainforest Demolition Site"

Update 10:38am - protesters now down. According to the BBC web site "police are at the scene". Er, I can only see two coppers huddling under a hoarding to protect from the rain, drinking Starfucks coffee.

Update 11:48am - banner now clearly visible on the nearest crane.

Update 2:02pm - demonstrators still on site it seems - work suspended on demolition (hooray, no more explosions) and construction - a few press photographers - more banners unfurled. I've now deleted the older pics as you can't really see anything. Sorry for the poor quality, these are pinched off our building web cams.

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