Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Further to yesterday's blast about speed cameras, I saw this Economist article today which was pretty much on the same wavelength as me. eeek!

Speed Kills: "In eight trial areas over the past two years, they reduced deaths and serious injuries by more than a third."

The bizarre logic of the average driver: "even law-abiding people see lethal speed as a right, and attempts to control it as an outrage"

The proper way to use speed cameras: "Although the bright yellow [camera] boxes [to help the poor suckers spot where the cameras are] do help law-abiding drivers keep to the limit, law-breakers manipulate the system by braking when they see a camera. Undermining drivers' confidence in their ability to spot cameras, the study concluded, would reduce speed-related accidents. These not only kill and maim hundreds of people every year, but deter cyclists and pedestrians, especially children, from exercising their right to the road."

In conclusion: "Speed cameras have already worked well. They should be allowed to do an even better job, for all the car lobby's tiresome tantrums."

Couldn't have put it better!

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