Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Alma - - wants to know: "R U a Pervert". I may be a pervert, but Alma can't spell.
Toby S Carson (from Russia!) - - asks: "Did you Know? Get larger nuts and penís, more pleasure, more satisfaction." Something to do with squirrels.
Tasso (from Japan, hey I'm famous around the world) - - asks: "Can we meet? r fncny q" Sure, if you pay my plane fare to Tokyo q fncny r.
MyPremiumOffers - - posits: "How smart are you?" Smart enough to recognise spam when I see it.

I'm also now getting holiday offers ... in German. Beach towels and loungers already reserved, I guess. Finally, it's no longer the Nigeria scam. I've had e-mails from relatives of the former despots of the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Angola and Ghana. Boy, am I popular.

Has anyone ever answered one of these?

:: Posted by pete @ 06:54