Monday, June 09, 2003


Visit and stick you mouse pointer up Peter Beardsley' nose - hours of mirth and hilarity.
Browse on over to the Audi Olypmics, the Grauniad's latest hot web site. More mirth, more hilarity, nearly orange juice out the nose.
Read Beatniksalad or Nick Barlow: always topical and well written.
Rant at Howard Owens - rightie from the left coast. (But, check out the very good post on WMDs)
Take the latest Yorkshire Soul incisive poll. (Links not always worksafe.)
Toodle over to Wacky Neighbour. Is he Ned Flanders?
Join the Anti-War Web Ring. Right, kids?
Grumble at Haloscan - comments not working, again.
Get outside - the weather's lovely this time of year.

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