Monday, April 12, 2004


Well, the third time in my life... see David Byrne (Mr Talking Heads), that is. No, he wasn't wearing that large suit. In fact, David is very slight chappy. But, he's a pretty good mover too.

As you would expect from the old stager, this was a slick and professional show with a mixture of Talking Heads' faves and some of David's newer stuff. I can heartedly recommend "Look into the Eyeball".

Byrne is not only a performer, but now heads his own label - Luaka Bop. Jim White, one of the label's stable, warmed up with a small handful of tunes. "Perfect Day for a Tornado" and "Motorhome" were standouts from Jim and his orchestra of pedals, delays and distorted americana vocals. Over too quickly.

Definitely a gig for whote people of a certain age - like me. Enjoyable, but Byrne should not sign opera.

Gruaniad review.

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