Sunday, April 11, 2004


Boxing :: Don King, underworld, cauliflower ears, brain damage, the one great mind of Muhammad Ali
Lewis :: Sgt, of Inspector Morse fame
Bodyguard :: dark glasses, wire hanging out of ear, dick hanging out of trousers
Burnout :: me at 45
Cruising :: Modesto, California
Easter :: lame excuse to buy chocolate "egg"
Research :: lab rats
Redemption :: 5 cents on a bottle of pop
Snickers :: Marathon

N.B. - last night, in full anti-war flow, I was distracted and posted my Friday Five. Unfortunately, I managed to delete my erudite post on Iraq. Bums. It would be nice to say that this morning, in Unconscious Mutterings flow, I was distracted and posted a screed on WMDs, Saddam and the illegal invasion. But, I'm afraid to say that was not the case.

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