Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Isn't it just unfair the way the press and all those woolly liberals have it in for Halliburton and all those nice billionaires that own the United States of America so, goddamit, they should run the country too.

"We're not just about short-term handouts to corporations, we're about creating a Billionaire-friendly America — forever. And with George W. Bush in the White House, we're getting there."

You know it makes sense.

Perfecting democracy:

"One Dollar, One Vote. Forget fiddly campaign finance law, and forget the electoral college. To truly ensure America has a political system that answers to wealth, each person will get a number of votes equivalent to his net wealth — those in debt get negative votes. Whichever corporation running for President, or Congress, gets the most votes — i.e. financial backing — wins. Simple."

Sign up now!

Global Warming = Better Tans

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