Tuesday, May 11, 2004


It is always inconvenient when a passenger dies on an aeroplane...

Quite. So what do you do? Stuff them in a specially designed locker that's what. Singapore Airlines have made special provision on their 17 hour Singapore-LAX flights. Well, I guess there's a good chance people will die of boredom on the world's longest non-stop flight.

I had the pleasure of a short hop to and from Brussels last week. The cabin crew managed to squeeze in a meal (in a box), soft drinks, two rounds of coffee/tea, hot towel and a sweetie to help pop your ears. All this in a 45 minute flight.

This had to be the dullest business trip I've ever done. Flight to Dulls-ville. Stayed at Dulls-ville airport Sheraton. The "Executive bar" had no beer. Conference in an airless, windowless room. Ditto for lunch. Speech by a drunken hack who promised to be brief then droned on for 25 minutes. Rain as I crossed the road to the airport. Flight back totally in clouds.

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