Tuesday, May 18, 2004


for the May "Bears Will Attack Day 17 Project"

"Jesus is my Homeboy" or so said the guy's baseball cap at Balham station.

There are so many ways to get home, each with its ups and downs.

When the day drags, like it did on Monday, when I'm stuck in the office rather than being out and about, thoughts turn to the journey home, a sit in the garden and a beer.

Tube to Balham, bus almost to doorstep – lazy man. Tube to Victoria, train to West Norwood and walk – the bog standard. Or, the nuclear option, bus from Waterloo Bridge to Norwood Road and schlepp up the hill - over an hour, but a good way to unwind and read a book.

I left work at about quarter to six as usual. I was the last left in the office as usual. When there's only six people working in the building that's not difficult.

Delays on the Northern Line due to overrunning engineering work made the choice easy - by train from Victoria. Bummer. The 1807 sits in the yard all day: unseasonably warm weather this week.

So I sweated all the way to Norwood.

Thank Jesus Homeboy for beer and refrigerator.

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