Sunday, June 20, 2004


This blog is doing its bit for the long overdue Prog-Rock revival.

Today's playlist makes the case for guitar solos, keyboard noodling and sequined capes:

1. The Wire Tapper 11 - latest collection of goodies from music's left field - including Jah Wobble, To Roccoco Rot (that's a palindrome, y'know), Green Milk from the Planet Orange (hmm, yeah).

2. Laika "Silver Apples of the Moon" - best group named after a astromut.

3. David Sylvian & Robert Fripp "The First Day" - ex-Japan man teams up with Mr Frippertronics for a slice of new-Age-y/Prog Rock grooving.

4. Locsil "Triple Point" - excellent ambient/electronica from the Kranky label recommended by a geezer in Smallfish Records.

5. Robert Fripp "A Blessing of Tears - 1995 Soundscapes - Volume Two - Live in California" - Mr Fripp updates his trademark looping guitar pieces through the latest technological gizmos. Back in 98 I drove from DC up to Philly for a Fripp Soundscape double bill. In the second set I sat on cushions placed around the great man. His jeans could have done with some good ironing.

6. King Crimson "Live in Central Park, NYC 07-01-74" - Crimson at its zenith: the seminal 73-74 lineup in its last ever gig. Fripp controlling all from his seat stage right. John Wetton's booming bass and strangled vocals. David Cross, by then marginalised in the group, his violin struggling against Wetton's bass. Backed by one of the best rock drummers ever, Bill Bruford. "Fracture" still sends shivers down my spine.

I last saw Fripp in the Central Lobby of the Houses of Parliament sitting with wife Toyah Wilcox waiting for who knows what.

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