Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I'm sure your keen to know the progress of GBH Uffington, Iamadonut's entry in the Guardian Fantasy Football League.

Not a great weekend. With Malbranque and Judas Campbell injured (oops, missed that!), the side was always up against it to score points. Charlton's 4-1 shellacking at the Reebok was a shock - Hreidarsson in the squad (ouch!) knocked off £140k.

I had to go for Ian Dowie as manager at some time in the season and figured the first match - a six point relegation battle (yep, even at this stage) - and a point at Norwich wasn't bad. I'll keep hold of Dowie for one more match and see what happens - three points at Everton? The week after that Palace play Chelsea so I may be looking for a new manager soon. Then again, Dowie owners around the country might be looking to dump him.

Malbranque and Campbell have been ditched to be replaced by Simon Davies (possibly a bargain, even though he plays in a feeble Spurs' midfield) and Olof Mellberg picked up after a great performance in the opening weekend. With Villa away to West Brom in a Sunday derby match, could pick a few pounds there.

I'm keeping hold of van Persie though he's not yet cracked the first team for the Arse.

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