Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Or Broadcast. From Birmingham.

Today's mini-disc delight was 2003's "Ha Ha Sound", Broadcast's triumphant second long player with most of the compilation "Work, Not Work" tagged on the end.

It was a chance playing of Noise Made by People over the weekend made me think that when I got to B in the Alpha and Omega of Donut's CDs, then these groovy guys and gal would be a good listen.

Boradcast fit into the late 90s Brit retro-electro mould, "Ha Ha Sound" checking sixties' psychedilica influences, whirling with analagoue keyboards and whispering vocals.

Whereas Stereolab trill on about French deconstructivism and red internationalism, Add N to X walk a dangerous tightwire between pop and pointless avant garde, Broadcast fit into a nice little melodic groove.

Lovely poppy stuff this with Trish Keenan's light vocal touch and chunky tope end synth riffs. You will see lava lamps in your mind.

Nice segue from Aphex Twin, as well. They're both from the excellent Warp Records stable.

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