Sunday, October 31, 2004

“E” is for Experimental

We’d better get a move on with this alphabet thing.

“E” could have been for Expolsions…, in the Sky that is. Or, the other river that runs around Manhattan Island - East River, as in East River Pipe. Or, perhaps, that Country & Western renegade Steve Earle.

Well, I chose Experimental because there were two CDs from different artists sitting there with the word “experimental” on them. Theirs is logic in the madness; and, madness in the logic.

It’s hard to call “The Tracksuit Triology” by The Experimental Pop Band experimental in the sense that it’s stretching musical boundaries. True, it’s not you’re usual “pop” effort. But, you can easily find stuff that’s further out there. EPB are, in fact, a one man band. Yep, that’s not very original either. Davey Woodward is the name. He writes tunes about casual sex in Bristol, other banalities and incongruities. Delivery is a deadpan sort of way with mixtures of bossa nova and other “ethnic beats”. If “The Tracksuit Triology” were a geographic point, you might stop by if you were in the neighbourhood, but it’s not a destination in itself.

Meanwhile, there’s Experimental Aircraft. Now I think it’s safe to assume this outfit are named after the X-15 and all those Black Projects funded by the US Department of Defense. On this platter, which comes in a very fetching all white package: more grey given the state of the jewel package, they come into land from the Land of Space rock (capital: My Bloody Valentine). Chocks away!

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