Monday, October 11, 2004


Iamadonut is back with now holds barred bollocks. (But, you can still read the Down Under saga over at DonutInOz.)

According to Reuters, "Denmark wants to claim North Pole".

This is not quite as silly as it sounds. The Danes are after oil. You know, what we didn't invade Iraq over. This comes on the same day scientists report that atmospheric carbon levels have increased at a greater level than anticipated for the second year running.

More oil? As we said in the great nuclear power debate "Nein, Danke"

How ironic that the polar regions are now more accessible thanks to the melting of ice due to global warming the result of burning fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, new home design in Britain has been slagged off by a bunch of prissy architects. They're right that new homes are generally unappealing to the eye, don't fit into the landscape and are set in environments driven by the car ethos. But, I think there's a more crucial issue here - energy. Whilst new homes are generally more energy efficient because of insulation, they still gobble up energy produced by non-renewable resources. There must be a case to require that all new builds must incorporate some sort of renewable energy element in their design such as solar panels to heat water.

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