Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Fixëd the archives. Now you have access to all 900 posts done here by the Donut.

Meanwhile, it seems like MyMediaList has gone knackers up. So you can't see what I'm reading (Edward Abbey's classic tale of anarchy in the American West "The Monkey Wrench Gang") or listening to (a load of noisy young men called Idlewild).

Any road, it's about 105,000 words on this blog. That's a lot of steam let off, a shed load of twaddle and nonsense. Going by the 80:20 rule (or it could be 90:10), that means there's maybe upwards of 100 or so decent posts. Or, it could be that rules applies to blogs and not posts. In that case, why are you here?

This site does get a bit of traffic - maybe 20-30 hits a day. I know there are a few regular readers. Hello out there! Then again there's quite of lot of speculative traffic from Google and other search engines. I hope you found what you were looking for.

Could I ask just one more thing:

leave a message or post a comment just to say "hello".

:: Posted by pete @ 21:48