Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Amongst the seasonal cards I received at work (most directed to my predecessor who left back in March - that sums up Christmas cards, for me), my favourite (pdf file) is from my friends at the General Consumer Council of Northern Ireland. It lists a whole load of Christmas consumer facts of which I particularly like:

15% of all gift vouchers are never spent.

I think I know what business to start up in!

Also, we spend £2 billion a year on "useless presents" (that's about 35 per person in the UK.) The Abbey (which used to be a respected mutual building society and is now a crap bank owned by Spaniards) estimates that £1 billion a year is spent on "unwanted gifts". Donate unwanted gifts to Help the Aged.

Better still, buy a gift with meaning - such as a camel for a poor African family - at Goodgifts.

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