Sunday, December 12, 2004


Sod, the Arsenal. The Canaries picked up three points away to Halesowen, wherever that may be. After the trials and tribulation of the last fortnight, that was a filip for the boys from Top Field.

Donut regulars will recall the Freddy Adu watch. Freddy is DC United's 15 year old phenom. Signed out of high school (in fact before he graduated), Freddy had already starred for the U.S. Youth Team and had been called up to the full World Cup squad. Freddy was born in Ghana, but has U.S. citizenship and has the potential to be the first U.S. soccer superstar.

However, 2004 has seen Adu spend more time on the bench than on the field. Nevertheless, he did play in all 30 league matches average 48 minutes per match. Freddy notched 5 goals.

D.C. United turned their season around mid-summer, raced into the playoffs and, as in the MLS's inaugural 1996 season, United won the playoff final. Adu made a later appearance in the final as D.C. clung on to win 3-2 over the fancied K.C. Wizards.

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