Thursday, December 23, 2004


Santa Workshop Under Threat From North Pole Thaw - report.

"Santa may have to move from the North Pole within our children's lifetimes," [said Stefan] Norris [WWF spokesperson].

And I was sure I saw his Grotto in Covent Garden Piazza this lunchtime.

A Danish official suggested rescuing Santa by building a giant floating ice rink for the workshop if the Pole thaws.

"Why don't we build some electrical facilities to ensure the ice stays on the North Pole for him?" said Alan Boldt, spokesman of the Danish Ministry of Science. "This should be a subject for the United Nations."

He said Danish group Vestas could build windmills to provide Santa with power.

Meanwhile, idiots like this wantonly burn electricity with no thought for poor Ol' Saint Nick, ice melting around his black wellies as we speak.

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