Sunday, December 12, 2004


Until recently, there was an excellent web portal to all the "post-rock" bands you could shake a stick at: "". Gone now. There's always Post Rock bands. But, Post rock dot com led me to Ui sometime around the halcyon pre-millennium days.

Around about then, probably in a credit card induced haze, I picked up the EP "Iron Apples" and the full length "Lifelike". In the usual post-rock idiom, here were a clutch of instrumental driven numbers, unconventional instrumentation and assimilated dub, dance, jazz and prog in equal proportions. On my wee mini-disk this was a pleasant melange of semi-cerebral, danceable tunes.

Ui brought back memories tequila fueled dance sessions at some bar on Capitol Hill, bizarre Senate hearings, obscure bowl game on ESPN, Monday night wrestling on TBS and late-era episodes of "Seinfeld". Oh, bring on the ninties.

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