Thursday, January 13, 2005


Unlike this poor fellow I haven't lost my job because of my blogging. But, it was with some irony that my employer circulated its new whistleblower policy the other day. Now, I have no reason to blow the whistle. In fact, I hardly ever mention more than passing details about my job. A lot of what goes on in my job would probably be a bit more interesting than what I blog about. I have "issues" with my employer, but I've no reason to spread news about the place. So far, nothing has been worth it though the company's policy on Tsunami donations caused a raised eyebrow or two. I'll leave it to others to break this news.

Meanwhile, the Iamadonut family has a new member. Commuterland has been a bit of a bust and unless the other members disagree it will soon be cut adrift. My holiday blog never got off the ground because I couldn't get regular access to the internet.

But, for 2005 I've kicked off a new photo blog. Each day I plan to post picture which tells something about my day. It'll be part of story, something that takes my fancy, something quirky or just a pretty picture that just happened to be in the way of my camera.

Please take a look over at Donut's Daily Daguerreotype.

This week's shots...

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