Friday, January 21, 2005


I'm being a bit of a lazy blogger at the moment, cadging stuff of others.

Here's another link that's worth following - Home Sweet Road, which promises to be the journal of a couple travelling the byroads of the vast American expanse in search of ... well whatever gets in their way. Here's the tag:

to explore the less-charted areas of America and capture what we find in words, still photography, and moving images;

to audition thousands of small American towns for the role of our new hometown.

There is something romantic and enticing about the open American road. I have plenty of fond memories of driving without a care in the world along the interestate or on a back road to nowhere. And, you do meet some intersting people. As I was discussing the other day, Americans will take an interest in a stranger. Many, especially outside the big cities, have a naturally curiosity and no hang-ups about engaging in conversation with anyone.

So, I think I'll try to follow HSR once they get on the road. One of my favourite web sites of all time is Enlightment With a Vengance - EWAV - the journal of NYC based Scott who packs up his day job and wanders across the US twice or maybe three times (sadly, Scott has dumped the site). It was a humourous, quirky, sad and delightful journal - something for blogger/journalists to aspire to.

Meanwhile...what do you mean you haven't visited Donut's Daily Daguerreotype yet?

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