Thursday, January 06, 2005


For the uninitiated, Pedro "Sergio" Mendes punted upfield late in Spurs tussle with Scumchester United on Tuesday night. United's custodian, Roy Carroll, fumbled the lob. The ball crossed the line. Carroll over-dramatically retreived the ball in vain/shame - one yard over the line. Referee and linesman did not signal the legitimate goal that it should have been. Final score 0-0. Specsavers offer a discount to all Premiership officials (not).


William Hill is to honour bets on 20-1 chance Mendes to score first

Only for Ladbrokes to refuse to follow suit. Meanwhile, Paddy Power (another bookie) has refunded punters who bet on Mendes scoring (why any fool would've made such a bet I do not know).


P.S. - undefeated and 8 points from 4 Xmas/New Year matches is not that bad considering two of those matches were against teams in the top four. Though knowing we dropped two points to a soft Palace goal and two more to the Old Trafford referee curse is galling.

P.P.S. - you really ought to see that "play". In which case, why is there a picture of Carroll diving (in vain) at a sunny US stadium rather than a dank dark Theatre of Dreams (sic)?

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