Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Bubba Carver, co-owner of a restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia, could be sitting on an interesting aviation collector’s item. Carver recently purchased 500 forks and 250 knives previously used by Delta Air Lines. Apparently Carver’s restaurant is not unique. Sightings of former airline tableware are being reported all around the country. Delta and other carriers sold their utensils to scrap metal dealers after the September 11th terrorist attacks transformed forks and knives into dangerous contraband. The name “Delta Air Lines” is etched on the underbelly of the flatware’s handles. Unfortunately, proceeds from the sale of the knives and forks are not enough to stop the flow of red from the airline’s bottom line.

Can't cut your steak at 35,000 feet. I guess the turrists have won then.

from ABTN

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