Thursday, February 24, 2005


Copenhagen suburb, Kastrup, was grey. The buildings were grey. The sky was grey. Planes flying overhead were grey. Less jet powered: seagulls were grey. Snow cleared streets were grey. Unwashed taxis were, I think you get my drift, grey.

Only the buses were yellow.

Nothing, then, to put us off from the issues of our meeting. Before starting several of our group recounted tales of meetings in Hawaii or Florida or some other sun kissed venue. Conferences rooms next to swimming pools, golf course or scantily clad bronzed young women. Luckily we were on the fourth floor of the grey building, next to my grey hotel.

It was a grey meeting, broken only by bald heads, odd Germanic phrases, bad facial hair and evil smelling lunch: the Danes like their herring.

Speaking of my hotel, breakfast was, no, not grey. But, despite a plethora of available cereal, dries fruit and fixings, there were no cereal bowls.

Copenhagen: "The true heart of Scandinavia".

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