Thursday, March 24, 2005



Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld becoming an increasingly prevalent addendum to e-mails I get at work. (Funnily enough not yet of personal e-mails.)

Now I’m no Luddite. I remember back in about 1986 or so persuading my boss to get hold of a few Liberator word processors. Anyone remember them?

I was also one of the first of my crowd to get a personal computer – my friend the Commodore Amiga. Hey, there was even business software available and I pushed the boat out to get a hard drive – all 50 Mb of it! Boy, did that fan make a noise.

But, I draw the line at work interfering with life outside the office. I’ve had those few days at home for writing reports: in the quiet, away from distractions, not needing to waste 2 hours travelling. That doesn't mean that I put up with the constant annoyance of e-mail chatter whilst I (pretend not to) watch "You Are What You Eat".

Does that make me less efficient or less productive?

I’m a bit ol’ skool in my view that if you can’t get your work done during reasonable work hours, then perhaps you are inefficient or maybe you need a "gopher".

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