Thursday, May 12, 2005


Australia's foreign ministry has apologised for an e-mailed advisory warning of the dangers of travelling to the Western Australian capital, Perth.
The foreign ministry said the message was mistakenly sent out by an outside contractor, as a test.

Watch out for wallabies? (Answer: a tube of Swan Laaar-ger.)

Variously described as the "friendly city", "laid back", and the "most isolated city in the world", Perth is not usually known for its risks.

No, but it is dull as fuck; lacks any atmosphere and is dominated by suburbs. Oh, and the much loved "Freo" (that's Fremantle to you and me), is just a sad run-down haunt of hippies.

But the City of Perth Council was less concerned.

"The weather is a bit dodgy," a spokesman commented.

It was rainy and cold when I was there last September.

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