Monday, May 16, 2005


Tottenham have signed Canada international defender Paul Stalteri from German club Werder Bremen.

Tottenham sporting director Frank Arnesen said: "Paul Stalteri is a defender who can play in midfield. He is a multi-functional player, who can play on both sides.

Ooh, er, missus!

"He has come from a tough environment at Werder Bremen and their players are well known for their mentality [e-gads! - ed]. His biggest success was last year winning the double and he has now had good experience of European football.

That'll come in handy with Spurs (not!).

My arse is multi-functional. It poos and farts. All I care about is whether this bloke has a spine, unlike the rest of his superannuated new teammates.

Not that I'm bitter about another wasted season...

:: Posted by pete @ 12:00