Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Just a few more hours until (I hope) London is put out of its misery and loses the 2012 Olympic bid to Paris.

Olympics in London, as I've blogged before: lovely idea, but no thanks. Don't want to pay. Don't trust the Government that it will be on budget. Economic case a load of bollocks. Don't need a new stadium in London (see Wembley and, (cough cough) Arsenal). The transport cannot (javelin trains or not) cope. Bogus benefits for East London: don't need the Olympics to deliver these. Only this morning a reminder of our last major showcase public project - the Millennium Dome.

Residents of New York has successfully killed the NYC12 bid. What's stopped the sensible London populus? Why have we been hoodwinked by sleazy Seb Coe. Mayor Ken should know better.

I'll be in Trafalgar Square tomorrow lunchtime. The whoop you here will be me when Paris is announced as the winner.

Meanwhile: still time to fuck the bid.

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