Thursday, July 07, 2005


Ok, no politics.

People went to work as normal today. Some didn't come home.

I'm lucky. I'm unaffected. I just had the inconvenience of a long walk to catch a train. Others, minding their own business, were not so lucky.

I've lived through many years of IRA attacks. Back in the 90s I heard the mortar attacks on 10 Downing Street, where my ex-wife was working. That was too close.

I heard today's fourth explosion.

The thought that atmosphere of those dark days has returned is not pleasant. But, we'll go in here in London. Like New York. Like Madrid. Tokyo. Hey, even Paris (despite what some people here think of Chirac and the Olympic contest).

Those that wish to disrupt our lives will not win. People will die or be maimed. We won't change. We will not be intimidated. Yes, there are wider issues. There are political issues that need to be addressed.

For now, we'll bury the dead. Tend the wounded. Comfort those who've lost someone. Counsel those who survived.


"...not a matter of if, but of when..."

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