Tuesday, November 15, 2005


My favourite Australian band. Playing the Astoria tonight. School night gigs: tough ask.

Yep. A shearing has occured. (Google: Barnet Fair)

Excellent! The Anomoanon blog et arrive!

"Irony's pretty cool, but it might have worn out its welcome a little bit. It's hard to sing along with irony." - Ned Oldham

"…the same ragged but right ethos that characterizes the best work of the Band and the Grateful Dead… a shambling, meandering masterwork that twangs, creaks, rocks, and ultimately, soars… melodic and memorable tunes that feel like they could have been written decades ago… brings Graham Parsons to mind… like Exile-era Stones… the group manages to wring new life from old sounds… more timeless than retro."—John Lewis, Baltimore City Paper review of "Asleep Many Years in the Wood"

"Dylan was a child of the 40s who was able to listen to old blues and folk records before white people ruined both--blues to me, growing up, was Yardbirds and the Stone with the penis-head haircut and the harmonica smiling like a supplicant asshole at Howlin' Wolf on some PBS show" - the aforementioned blog

Tomorrow I have meetings with two cabinet ministers.

Everything you need to know about the Åland Islands - "a demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region with a right of self-government secured through international guarantees." Home of the 2009 Island Games. But, as a regular reader, you know that.

Vegetarian sausages. An oxymoron?

Mike at Yorkshire Soul has a new template (complete with teething troubles). Here at I am a donut, we perservered for 3 years more with the same hacked blogger template. We're going to stick with the basic theme, but if a suitable hackable new template can be found we may yet get some valid CSS.

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