Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We may be humbugs at Iamadonut, but the best of the season to our reader(s). Here's hoping it is peaceful and joyful. If you ate too much, here's hoping that Alka Seltzer did it's trick. Too much drink? Officially, there's no cure. But, we recommend rehydration as early as possible. Resolve also works slowly, but does relieve some of the less pleasant symptoms. Donut Towers has no solution to family squabbles. Just make sure you're not armed; or, perhaps you would like to be armed. Be thankful, the Precrime authorities don't cotton on*.

We awoke to a festive dusting this morning. Thankfully, the booze hadn't impaired the senses so much that the strawberries weren't protected.

Most of our usual reads have been idle over the weekend. Hopefully, enjoying family, friends, booze and presents.

At Donut Towers, there's been a change of hardware. The trusty laptop is five years old and deserved retirement. It will get donated to a good cause.

Speaking of good causes, some elements of the British press (well the left of centre crap, we read) have spent most of the present buying season debating the ethics/morality of buying charity aid gifts for friends and loved ones. You know the thing - a goat for a family in Africa or (what I received) a beekeeper's kit.

IMHO, give what you want to give at whatever time of the year, to whomever you want. For years, this writer poo-pooed giving to charity. There are so many good causes; does the money get best spent; government should provide aid; aid to the third world goes direct to the pocket of dictators; it's so Victorian. All valid "excuses". However, there's little more that this writer needs in the way of comforts. Selfish or not, I'd rather donate money or a gift on my behalf or on behalf of someone I love to help others who need a helping hand.

* - BBC's "blockbuster" film for the festive season.

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