Monday, January 02, 2006


Cows belching and breaking wind cause methane pollution but British scientists say they have developed a diet to make pastures smell like roses - almost.


Frankly, I could give a monkeys. I had never seen that movie until yesterday. Meh. (Wind, geddit?)

Not quite indigestion.

...the passenger, who had planned to give birth in her home on the island of Mayotte, the plane's final destination, was not visibly pregnant.

A sideways link to the birth of a son to my work colleague on 23 Dec. Congrats, young man!

Wind causes postponment of New Zealand bowls championship.

High winds played havoc at the national championships at the Naenae club in Wellington yesterday, forcing players to duck flying objects and cope with bowls disappearing across the rink and jacks that moved.

No comment.

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