Sunday, July 23, 2006


Iamadonut is:

...watching - "Led Zeppelin: DVD" - classic footage of the greatest rock band ever.

...listening to - Rothko "...Francis" and "...Origins": soundscapes with two bass guitars.

...reading - "Allotted Time": gardening without a clue. This'll be me in a few months: unemployed and "up the allotment".

...picking - snails (bastards!) off my poor wee strawberry plants.

...swallowing - with pain thanks to a nasty infection developed since stumbling out of the canyon.

...chewing - pizza.

...drinking - a damn fine margarita, what else?

...spitting - with horror as the "civilsed" world watches Lebanon and Israel burn.

...blogging - again. The mind is full of marvellous blogging ideas, few of which will materialise due to the lack of time and lack of application. Our latest wheeze is to set weekly goals in all aspects of life. Meh, pass the tequila.

:: Posted by pete @ 23:05