Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I've been struggling to find the words that express my thoughts and feelings about the madness of recent weeks: alleged terror plots, conflict in the world, rhetoric, bloodshed and macho politicking. Well, this sums up some of my thoughts:

The central question for our time is not how you worship God or even whether you worship God. It's whether you believe, in this life, you can be in possession of the absolute truth and you have the right to impose it on others. We need to remember that too, those of us who are the targets of terror . Because we are rich, we are strong, we have sometimes been insensitive to the weak and to the claims of people who couldn't get higher enough on our agenda. So if we want to exhort people or persuade them as well as prevent them from engaging in terror, we have to act like we believe our common humanity is important.

Too bad I claim them for myself. These eloquent and poignant words were uttered in an interview with BBC Radio, aired this morning, with Bill Clinton (should open ram file - otherwise, the current link is on this page - it'll change soon).

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