Monday, September 25, 2006

7 More Reasons to Leave London

1. I forgot to mention in the Mogwai post below that on my train journey back into town after returning bedraggled and sleepy from Heathrow Airport a guy threatened to pull a knife on a ticket inspector. Nice.

2. It rained. Today. Monday. Okay it rains in most places - except the Atacama Desert - but soggy, almost steamy Mondays in London aren't much fun.

3. Our neighbours had a drunken birthday party at the weekend. I recall hearing one of them on the phone at 3:30 am Sunday shouting "We're partying until we die!" Well, die already.

4. Utility works in the street. Again, this happens everywhere. But, does it have to happen when the house is on the market. The street is like the Somme.

5. I had to drive to a decent pub on Saturday. Because there are no decent pubs within walking distance. That meant I had to drive back. You do the figuring as to how much drinking I did.

6. Nothing against Poles: they're helping the UK economy and those that are paying taxes are funding my retirement, but how the heck do your pronounce all those Ws and Ls? (Also, you might be able to get a plumber in London now, but can you get one in Warsaw?)

7. Smell of sick on the Tube. On a Monday morning. In the wet.

On the plus side, I'll miss nights like Friday.

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Re (5): er, why not take a bus?

Posted by Blogger Mark @ 1:06 pm #

the decent pub is in dulwich village. would involve at least one change of bus and a long walk.

Posted by Blogger pete @ 4:33 pm #
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