Monday, September 04, 2006

Créer le message

I'm sitting in an internet café in delightful Brussels Airport. The terminal is determined to stay Francophone, which is nothing to do with Franco's spaghetti or Spanish dictators.

Work brings me to this anonymus place. AS my meeting doesn't start for a couple of hours, I'm catching up on the world through the wonder of the interweb.

Just been reading about the death of the "Crocodile Hunter", apparently the first person to die from a stingray sting since 1945. Well, he was never going to suffer a heart attack on the 0830 to Waterloo.

That reminds me of one of my previous journeys to Bruxelles. As usual it was a ridiculously early start. Arriving at Heathrow Terminal 1 about 6:00am when dropped off by minicab, passengers were diverted away from the normal entrance. There were screens erected and dozens of paramedics standing around. I caught sight of one of them administering CPR. What a way to go. Rushing to an early morning flight to some pointless meeting in some horrid office block in some vapid provincial town.

Brings me neatly to the latest development. Thursday night I handed in my letter of resignation. It's been nearly two-and-a-half years in this job. I've lost count of the Brussels trips and wasted hours in bland hotels and coffee bars. No more day long trips for 2 hour meetings with 15 minutes substance.

Simply, we've had enough of London and had enough of our jobs. It's time to make a new start. The plan, if you could call it that, is to sell up and relocate somewhere in the South of England. North Devon is the current plan. Next weekend, we're off to have a look at Barnstaple and the coast.

It's been a long time coming and admittedly I've put off resigning for too long. The money has been too good and the prospect of having no job is daunting.

How we'll pay the bills is a question to be resolved. We should be able to buy a place with the proceeds of our house sale - assuming we can sell quickly - with perhaps a very small mortgage. But, we've still got to live. Right now, I'm open to offers. Just ask and I'll send me CV/resumé.

Deep breaths all around.

Okay, time to find some coffee and a comfy chair to read the paper while I wait for my boring meeting.

Au revoir!

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