Saturday, October 07, 2006

All the news that's fit to print

On the train Friday evening, whilst most commuters read their free London newspaper:

dude 1: what's that.
dudette: is that sky?
dude 2: it's a podcast.
dude 1: wicked. i didn't know you could do that.
dude 2: yeah. it's the latest model. it's got a larger screen.
dude 1: that's cool.
dude 2: yeah, check this out.
dude 1: oh, that's crisp. crisp, man.
dude 2: yeah, it's the latest "simpson's" series from the u.s.
dude 1: that is crisp, man.
dude 2: like you can get, what? series eight here on dvd? this is the latest series. i downloaded it last night.
dude 1: yeah, i've seen all the simpson's and i didn't recognise that one. that is crisp.
dudette: i didn't know you could do that on an i-pod.
dude 2: yeah, it's a bigger screen. you can get podcasts and download shit.
dude 1: that is crisp. crisp!
dudette: did you get that on line?
dude 2: no, from the apple mega store in oxford circus. only 179.
dude 1: 179? man, i gotta get one!
dude 2: yeah. it's a new release and it's a promotional price. 179.
dude 1: i gotta get one! that's my birthday present!
dude 2: 179.
dude 1: crisp!
dude 2: and like, i don't get a newspaper in the morning. i download a podcast from the bbc and watch the news on the train.
dude 1: 179? i gotta get one.

Or, you could read a book.

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