Saturday, October 21, 2006

Project: Relocate

In case you are interested, here's the latest news on the relocation to North Devon.

It's more than a holiday. Indeed, that thought needs to thump through the brain driving around the lovely green hills and to ridiculously pretty little places like Clovelly.

Somewhere out there, there's these seeds. These seeds are destined for our new garden in the green hills. That garden is waiting for our arrival. Our stomachs look forward to the arrival of the seeds - now all grown up - in their dark stomachness. Lawyers are working feverishly, as we speak, cross umlauts and dotting syllables on the iron-clad contracts delivering the seeds temporary home.

I'm speculating about my new workmates. There will be a guy who rides in on a motorbike. At least two colleagues will have worked in the building since it was constructed in 1970. One manager will forget to zip his flies and have crumbs on his jacket and egg on his tie. For certain, there'll be a tecchy guy who does no work, but can fix computers, phones and faxes. And, I know (because I saw her at my interview) there's the tea lady who pushes a trolley and rings a bell to announce her arrival.

The village. It looks like a great, laidback kind of place. I saw three blokes doing maintenance at the pub: one to apply the putty to the windows and two to drink tea and watch him. There's a village shop and the Village Hall was showing "The Da Vinci Code" last weekend. Even if you've seen it on Sky, you'll wind up going just to catch up on the local gossip.

I can feel the London cynicism waning.

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