Thursday, November 30, 2006

Leaving London

Not quite yet, but today was the last day at work; the last commute; the last skinny latte; the last cursing and muttering under the breath at a stupid person on the tube; the last lunch at Pret; the last chance to run the Villiers Street gauntlet of London Lite, London Paper and Oxfam hustlers.


And, so a final struggle to Victoria. In tow, a champagne crate full of personal ephemera. Mongolian flag, Orioles hat, US Senate tumblers, calculator, desk picture of the dogs. Y'know, the usual crud you collect over the years.

The 1637 closed its doors, engaged gear, revved throttle and rumbled out from platform 9.


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Won't you miss any of it? :(

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:45 pm #

like a whole in the head.

Posted by Blogger pete @ 5:15 pm #
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