Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's not about glorification of war or even glorification of the dead. It is about remembrance. Remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice without wishing martyrdom.

My grandfather lived through the horrors of World War I and came out the other side. Enlisted at Day One. Saw his regiment destroyed. Gassed. Promoted. Court-martialled. Honoured. He lived. Too many had hardly the experience he did, but did not come out the other side.

I wish my grandfather had lived long enough to pass on his stories.

Here's the Lancashire Fusiliers part of the Remembrance Garden. Grandfather was a transplanted Glaswegian, but the cavalry regiment he joined was more or less obliterated. So he wound up with the Lancashire Fusiliers.


And, then there's Brian Haw's continuing anti-war protest at Parliament Square...


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Good shout, you can wear the poppy and be anti-war, they're by no means exclusive. I'm just reading Last Post (interviews with the last few survuiving WW1 vets), do any of them thnk they war they fought in worth it ? No. Are they heroes worth remembering, yes.

Damn the politicians.

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