Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Digs

Welcome to the new Donut HQ. It lies about five miles from this festive sign, snapped on the day of arrival (19 December). Thanks to the idiots at BT (you know who you are), interweb access was not fixed at Donut HQ until yesterday. We're catching up on things like paying bills. (How do people pay bills without the interweb?)

Click on the above picture for access to a phalanx of moving out and moving in pictures. Got bored labelling all the shots, so you'll have to make a few guesses as to what you're looking at. That or you can ask. (For the lazy amongst you, here's the full set.)

Plenty of moving house stories to tell. Best told down the pub, so come on over and we can take 50 paces to the local. You buy the beer.

Now, where are those missing cufflinks?

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