Thursday, August 30, 2007


Pareto Principle applied to the blogosphere: 20% quality, 80% filler.

Hey, all those floppies in your office? Well, them's f@cked. Kind of reminds me of the Led Zeppelin DVD released a few years back. Remastering some of the old videotapes required emptying out museums of their old tape machines.

This is terrible. Spitz, a small venue in Spitalfields Market is about to close. Saw a couple of brilliant gigs there: Chicago Underground Duo back in 2001 on a horridly hot and sticky July night and, possibly the same year, Do Make Say Think when someone I never met before and never since smuggled me into the tiny sold out venue. Please sign the petition and cough up some cash if you can.

"09-15-00 (Part One)" - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
"Lordy" - Low/Dirty Three
"Local Forecast" - Casino Vs. Japan Vs. Nudge
"Hani" - Ali Farka Toure
"Disco & Haze" - Do Make Say Think
"Houses of the Holy" - Led Zeppelin
"C. Of People" - Labradford
"The Swarm" - Simian
"Hot Wire My Heart" - Sonic Youth
"Harmonium: Because I Could Not Stop for Death" - John Adams
"A Tale of Apes, Pt 1" - Subtle

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