Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Day the Sky Disappeared

To go along with the Summer that Never Was, the Day the Sky Disappeared.

Never mind Arsenal's sniff of homo-eroticism, what about Cesc Fabregas's child-like qualities: "When I scored my first goal ... I went home and celebrated by drinking a Coca-Cola and eating a Kinder Egg"

Sweeties and fizzy drinks tonight!

Any Mail Merge experts out there? Our whizzy top-of-the-range network uses Word 97. The following pops up when I try to mail merge.

A Kinder Egg and Coke for solutions that work.

Heard of Second Life? Try First Life. Marina Hyde on our internet fixation. (Hooray for the web.)

Crazy, fun-loving, friend of Fidel: Hugo Chavez puts the clock back 30 minutes. (Some might say he's moved the clock back three decades.)

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