Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Enjoy Your Pizza

Battle between EU Industry and Trade Commissioners over lowering the cost of energy-efficient light bulbs. German protecting his own industry at the expense of consumers and energy efficiency.

Bush pr0n

Another internet 10th anniversary. Yawn. Teh bloggers.

...the medium has radically changed publishing and communication. But not everyone is convinced ...For the blogging tribe, it's more like time to get out the red pencil, and dispute the premise of the anniversary itself.

Props to the Tottenham Massive.

Another football cardiac arrest? As Sevilla holds funeral for Puerta.

Rock Parque
Rubbish food: food rubbish.

"Just Me and Phil" - Jah Wobble
"Dánarfregnir Og Jarðarfarir" - Sigur Rós
"Soot" - Sam Shalabi
"Cuban" - Sebadoh
"Worlds Melt Away" - Rothko
"Cadriopo" - Stereolab
"Buffalo606 - The Morning After" - Kid 606
"The Individual" - Spiritualized
"81" - The Marquis De Tren And Bonny Billy
"Knife Attack" - Timesbold
"Team Handed" - Mogwai
"Larks Tongue in Aspic Part One" - King Crimson
"Milkman" - Aphex Twin
"Threnody of Souls in Torment" - The Robert Fripp String Quartet

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