Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm 100% Behind You ... (Pushing You Out the Door)

Oh shit. Tottenham Hotspur coach Martin Jol has received the kiss of death.

"Martin has my 100% support and I'd like the fans to understand that they need to take the last few days in the context of what we think has been significant progress over the last six years," [club Chairman Daniel] Levy said.

Well, that's that then. Spurs travel to Old Trafford for the annual 4-0 defeat to Manchester United. What, you expect Man U to avoid victory four games on the trot?

Gerry Adams airport hell. Yes, that Gerry Adams.

To quote a commenter: "I love post-mortems. The recurring death of English football is particularly entertaining."

More Steve "Steve" McLaren news:

"McClaren now has the worst record of any England manager after a dozen fixtures. It would have been folly for him to look full of good cheer when his side had just lost at home to an improvised Germany line-up but he hardly seemed traumatised."

Bused home via sunny Bideford.

"Exhausted" - Joseph Arthur
"Sim Gishel" - Autreche
"Foreign Hotel Garden" - Papa M
"Crest" - Tortoise
"Walk All Over You" - Mark Kozalek
"Valerie" - Broadcast
"Tomorrow is Already Here" - Stereolab
"First There was Jazz 2" - Wibutee
"Cody" - Mogwai

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